She walks her own path – Liesl van der Rede

17 April 2015

Liesl and I met at the Table Bay Hotel for our tea date.  It was a LONG tea date – Liesl and I can talk a hind leg off a donkey – but so much fun!

Liesl met all the requirements for our Tea Date and therefore qualify to share my Desk. Welcome Liesl!

Liesl Desk 2


A bit about Liesl

Liesl was a Knowledge Manager with the Competition Commission.  When her 5 year contract came up for renewal, she decided to leave Johannesburg and move back “home” to Cape Town. Feeling restless after an engagement was called off; she knew it was time for a new season – what better place to start than in Cape Town?

Liesl’s special coffee mug  (Liesl is not a tea drinker!)

A colourful Happy Birthday mug…and very important: it has a little bear on the inside!  Liesl felt the need for a “me mug” when she arrived in Cape Town and an aunt chose this as the perfect gift.

Mug photo







Our Live, Love, Laugh Conversation:  

 Live:  “I love the outdoors and am inspired by God’s work in our world; the ocean, mountain – it takes my breath away.  I also love watching little children play and enjoy life to the fullest.  As adults we have lost that ability – quite sad”.

Love your LookLiesl’s image tip:  “Dress so that for the rest of the day you do not have to think about your outfit.  No fidgeting with your clothes, pulling on it or worrying about the fit – it is distracting!”

…… it!!  Valuable advice Liesl!

Laugh:  “I am not actually a joke person, I enjoy the humour in real life situations like when the furniture shop wanted to deliver my new lounge suite – a whole 30 days too early.”

Liesl’s secret revealed:

She has a tattoo!   On her lower back and she even showed me.  Not the kinda girl I would associate a tattoo with but loved the story behind it – a true gesture of friendship signifies it.

The crazy classy gift!  Classy on the outside – crazy on the inside

Liesl has many hobbies, but the one that intrigued me the most is her love for making sweets and special cupcakes.  She shares her sweet and cupcake ventures on her own blog ( – you have to go and look!

Her gift:  A purple DIVA BRUSH for scrubbing her pots and pans.   

Liesl gift


What I have learned from Liesl:  Liesl has taught me that quality of life is more important than the amount of money you earn. She works very hard Monday to Thursday and spends Fridays doing something she enjoys…like sitting on a ‘bankie’ reading a book.  Liesl has inspired me to make more ‘bankie’ time for myself!


Until we meet at the next Tea Date!


Ps:  the caption is chosen by the Tea Date guest.






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