Just Me – Juanita Maree

18 June 2015

Juanita chose Soet Bistro in Durbanville for our Tea Date.  The attractive waiter (wink!), the selection of cakes, good tea and lots of chatting made this a very special experience for me.

Thank you for a pleasant afternoon of serious conversation, as well as fun moments.  You qualify to move in behind my desk and you look stunning there, Juanita!

Juanita desk final

A bit about Juanita

Juanita was a (brilliant) primary school teacher for 22 years.  I say “brilliant” as teaching was a passion more than a career for her. She has the most amazing ability to teach young children.  In 2012 she left the teaching profession to assist her husband, Danie, in his businesses:  Rumadani Tours and Tygerberg Guttering Solutions.

Juanita’s mug

Juanita considers herself a “plain Jane” and “just normal”, therefore it was no surprise when she brought a mug and not a tea cup.  This mug was part of a set she bought after renovating her kitchen and it remains a favourite!

 Beker foto

 Our Live, Love, Laugh conversation:

 Live:   “I stress over everything and everybody! With age, however,  I have learned there is no purpose in stressing over others or even stressing on their behalf over their circumstances.  My stressing is not going to change anything for them!  I must take life easier.”

Just to give you an idea of how badly Juanita can stress over others:  she is an avid rugby supporter and when her team does not play well, or is on the edge of losing, she leaves the TV to wash dishes to calm her nerves J

Love your Look:  Juanita’s image and dress tips

“Although I dress very plainly (normally just trousers, a top and flat shoes) I never go without makeup. For me, makeup completes an outfit”

….And she also wears makeup when on holiday.  Not even a beach day will prevent her from putting makeup on.  I salute you for this, Juanita!

 Juanita also shared her best shopping tip:  “I never go clothing shopping specifically;  I make it  part of my grocery shopping….and I always find something!”

This is exactly what I teach my image students.  On the days you do not plan on buying clothes, you normally find your best buys.

 Laugh:  Juanita has many funny stories about herself to share, but one of her personal favourites is the day she shopped from another women’s trolley.

Juanita often does things in a bit of a rush due to her full program.  So it happened that she ran into the local grocery store, glad to see the daily trolleys with marked down punnets of fruit and vegetables.  Happy to be in time for a good bargain she started to shop from the first trolley.  Her son then noticed that mom was not loading her bargains from the official bargain trolley, but from the trolley of another shopper.  As fast as the other lady loaded bargains into her trolley, Juanita moved it over into her own!  In her hurry, she never noticed that she stopped at the wrong trolley!

…..oh my word!  Just imagine – as fast as you pack your trolley, somebody else unpacks it!!

 (It was very hard to choose only one of Juanita’s funny stories.  I think I will post more in the future.  Keep an eye on the “Laugh” section of this blog.)

Juanita’s secret revealed:

 Now this piece of information stunned me….

“ I am addicted to chewing gum!  I put chewing gum in my mouth after brushing my teeth in the morning and take that chewing gum out at night when I brush my teeth before bed”

Why am I stunned to learn this?  I have never seen Juanita chew on that chewing gum – she is not a typical gum chewer and you will never know that she even has gum in her mouth.  I am going to send all the ugly gum chewers I have met in my life to her for chewing lessons.

The crazy classy gift!

Technology frustrates Juanita, but she has mastered her smart phone and loves Facebook and Instagram, amongst others.  She is also a very cold person and not particularly fond of winter.  Her gift will allow her to enjoy social networking while her hands stay warm:  gloves with touch screen finger tips!


What I have learned from Juanita

I admire Juanita for the fact that she is satisfied with very little.  She has no desire for anything fancy and yet, has always lived a joyful and full life even in the most difficult of times. Juanita knows how to appreciate a little and make the most of it.

Until our next Tea Date!


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