Wanting to make a difference – Arlyna van Dyk

3 July 2015

 Arlyna chose a quaint little coffee shop in Durbanville, Cafe Perlina, for our tea date.  A place I did not even know exist.  We were even spoiled with a heater at our table when we entered shivering from the cold!

…and finally (drum roll!!!) Arlyna moves in behind my desk!  Thank you for a pleasant tea date and all the stories shared!

Arlyna desk final

A bit about Arlyna

Arlyna’s teaching career started in 1985 in Robertson.  The past 6 years she has been teaching grade 4 learners at Durbanville Primary School.

A lady who is passionate about teaching and the development of children;  someone who makes a difference in the lives of children …..and their parents.

Arlyna’s tea cup

This beautiful tea cup is a gift from Arlyna’s Mom.  Very pretty…

 Koppie finaal

 Our Live, Love, Laugh conversation:

 Live:    “For the right people you can do nothing wrong, but for the wrong people you can do nothing right”

 Ok, you probably need to read this again to grasp the true meaning.  I asked Arlyna to repeat herself.  So, so, true!?

Arlyna strives to make a difference in the lives of people. She has learned if people are not ready to take ownership of their own lives or not ready to make changes, there is no sense in trying to help. The ‘right’ people, however, those who want to change their lives for the better, are willing and ready to accept help.  She has also accepted that ‘people need to live their own dream’ . Therefore she has stopped worrying too much about those who do not want help –   “I now live my own dream”.

Arlyna, with your warm, sincere personality, you do make a difference in the lives of people merely with your presence!

Love your Look:  Alryna shared 2 tips:

“Knowing what colours suit you make life so much easier.  You know exactly what colour clothing to buy;  what hair colour suits you best; what jewellery and makeup suit your skin colour. The colour coding session I had a few years ago definitely changed my life!

My second image tip:  whenever you buy an item of clothing, ensure it will match 3 other existing items in your wardrobe.  I even apply this when I pack for holidays or weekends away – works brilliantly!”

Well, there you go ladies!  Tips from a woman with experience J

Laugh:  Arlyna has a few family jokes which nobody else may find funny, but is very precious (and funny) for her.

So, I have learnt about “getting a monkey”!  This is when someone dumps their responsibility on you – like a pet monkey sitting on your shoulder!  You now have the burden of someone else’s job e.g.  you give a message to the chairperson of a meeting:  “Peter phoned to say he is ill and not able to do the financial presentation this afternoon”.  Mr Chairperson then asks you to phone the board members to see who is available. This despite the fact that you are not even on the board.  Now you have a monkey from the chairperson!! 🙂

I am sure there are many of us who received an (invisible) monkey…. A dreaded responsibility passed on by others!!

 Arlyna’s secret revealed:

 To the embarrassment of her husband, Arlyna has a cuss word she uses at home to voice her frustration and annoyance when people take advantage of her(….I will not embarrass Arlyna by mentioning the word!).

At least she does not attack the culprits – she gets rid of her frustration in ‘private’!!

The crazy classy gift!

 Classrooms are not the warmest of places so I decided to spoil Arlyna with a pair of  warm socks.  Colourful ones to represent the ‘colourful’ adventures teachers experience with their learners…

Geskenk fotos

What I have learned from Arlyna: 

 Arlyna is a very humble, reserved lady who prefers doing things quietly and unnoticed rather than expecting public recognition.  It has happened more than once that people take advantage of her good heart and nature, then still making inconsiderate, hurtful comments in her presence.  She has, however, never defended herself and been rude to these people.  Despite any hurt she may have experienced, she still treats them with the respect and care.  Forgiveness is key …and we learn from you, Arlyna.

Until the next tea date!




2 comments on “Wanting to make a difference – Arlyna van Dyk

  1. Riana says:

    Lianne jy skryf baie lekker en interessant, Geniet jou pos baie.


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