On Sale! It’s a Bargain!

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It is SALES time of the year!  Lots of “bargains” awaiting you!

Have you, however, counted how many “bargains”  in your wardrobe turned out to be a not so good a buy after all? You have saved (much) money, but how often have you worn the item….or, HAVE you ever worn it? Or are you still trying to find something in the shops to wear it with?

Of course it is fun to walk, browse, scratch through the sale items, even try it on… but before you buy something, think about this:

a) Is it my style and will I wear it (often)?  Or am I fooling myself just because it is so cheap?

b) Do I really need it? Or do I actually have enough clothes in my wardrobe?

c) Does it fit me perfectly? Or am I compromising because it is marked down?

d) Are there at least 3 existing items in my wardrobe to match this bargain? Or do I need to shop for something to wear it with?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, it is a bargain indeed! So, you had better grab and pay for it before some else grabs it before you.

If there was a “no” amongst your answers, do not fool yourself with an excuse of why you HAVE to buy it.  The chances are good it will hang in your wardrobe and not be worn!! Rather leave the item, walk around and do your other shopping. If you can forget about the item, or do not feel as excited about it after a while, then it is not meant for you.  If, however, your mind keeps wondering back to that item – almost haunting you – the chances are good you will not make a mistake in buying it.

But do you know the psychology behind sales?

  1. It creates a feeling of SAVING, not spending… but you are spending money on something you wouldn’t normally buy.
  2. It creates a FEAR of missing out… what if I never find such a bargain again?
  3. It will make you FEEL GOOD… is shopping not supposed to lift the mood? Besides, I also deserve to be spoilt!

Being aware of the emotions which sales create, will enable you to exercise better judgment on whether an item is a real bargain or not.  A real bargain is not only bought at a very good price, but it will also serve a very good purpose in your wardrobe.

….and then there may be those who share Rita Rudner’s sentiment about a bargain:

Buying something on sale is a very special feeling.  In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me.  I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it.  I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?  ~Rita Rudner



Dis uitverkoping tyd!  Baie winskopies wag op jou!

Het jy egter al ooit getel hoeveel winskopies in jou kas was toe nooit so ‘n goeie kopie nie?  Jy het nou wel (baie) geld gespaar, maar hoeveel keer het jy dit al gedra….of, HET jy dit al ooit gedra? Of sukkel jy nog om iets in die winkels te kry wat daarby kan pas?

Natuurlik is dit lekker om deur die rakke met winskopies stap, grawe, kyk, aanpas… maar voor jy iets koop, dink ‘n bietjie hieraan:

a) Is dit my styl en gaan ek dit (baie) dra? Of flous ek myself net omdat dit so goedkoop is?

b) Het ek dit regtig nodig? Of het ek eintlik genoeg klere in my kas?

c) Pas dit perfek? Of kyk ek maar die pas daarvan mis terwille van die afgemerkte prys?

d) Is daar ten minste 3 bestaande items in my kas waarby die winskopie sal pas? Of moet ek nog eers iets gaan soek om daarby te dra?

As jy “ja” antwoord op al bogenoemde vrae, is dit beslis ‘n winskopie!  Jy beter dit gryp en betaal voor iemand dit onder jou neus weggeraap.

Indien daar ‘n “nee” tussen jou antwoorde was, moenie jouself flous met ‘n verskoning oor hoekom jy dit MOET koop nie.  Die kanse dat dit in jou kas gaan bly hang en jy dit nie gaan dra nie, is baie goed.  Los liefs die item en gaan loop ‘n draai, doen solank jou ander inkopies.  As jy begin vergeet van die item, nie meer so opgewonde daaroor voel nie, is dit nie vir jou bedoel nie.  Dink jy egter al meer en meer daaraan – dit spook by jou – is die kanse goed dat jy nie ‘n gaan fout maak as jy dit koop nie.

Ken jy egter die sielkunde agter uitverkopings?

  1. Dit skep die gevoel dat jy SPAAR eerder as spandeer    …..maar jy spandeer geld op iets wat jy nie normaalweg sou koop nie.
  2. Dit skep ‘n VREES dat jy op iets gaan uitmis ……wat as ek nooit weer so ‘n winskopie kry nie?
  3. Dit gaan jou laat GOED VOEL ……  is inkopies nie veronderstel om die gemoed te lig nie?  Buitendien, ek verdien mos ook om bederf te word!

As jy bedag is op die emosies wat uitverkopings skep, sal jy ‘n beter oordeel kan vel oor of ‘n item ‘n ware winskopie is al dan nie.  ‘n Ware winskopie koop jy nie net teen ‘n goeie prys nie, maar dit sal ook ‘n baie goeie doel in jou kas dien.

…en dan is daar natuurlike diegene wat met Rita Rudner sal saamstem as dit kom by ‘n winskopie:

Buying something on sale is a very special feeling.  In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me.  I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it.  I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?  ~Rita Rudner







Possibilities are Endless – Linda Remke

24 July 2015

Linda decided that her office is her favourite place for our tea date.  She set the table beautifully and served me the most divine red velvet cheesecake topped with meringue.

 Tea table

Linda, it is a privilege to welcome you behind my desk!

Linda Desk final

A bit about Linda

 Linda, a mom of 3, has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and describes her career journey as colourful.  She is currently the proud owner of EVEOLVE, a coaching company where she lives out her passion:  to help others prosper!  (www.eveolve.co.za)

Linda loves colour!  Her business logo and website are proof of this… AND her personality is just as vibrantly colourful!

Linda’s tea cup

Linda received this handmade cup as a gift from a business associate (now a good friend) many years ago.  At first she thought it strange – a cup without a saucer, but then realised that it depicts the person who gave it to her:  very unique!

Tea cup final

Our Live, Love, Laugh conversation:

 Live:  Linda has indeed had a colourful life, which includes a fair share of seriously challenging situations in business and in her personal life.  In 2008 she was rocked to a standstill when diagnosed with breast cancer, caused by stress.  It was time to do a stock take of her life:

  1. What is serving me and what not?
  2. Don’t I also need to be served?
  3. What do I put into my life – what do I feed myself with?
  4. What are my boundaries?

“I decided to study to become a life coach who evolves individuals and companies to reach their true potential and their God-given significance. I now realise the richness of life.  I take the time to find the blessing in each lesson life teaches me and I want to pass this on – I call it ‘bless on’s’.  I live with an attitude of gratitude.”

Linda has used the adversities in her life to become an awe-inspiring woman!  If you need someone to help you find direction in your life or business, Linda is the coach you are looking for!

 Love your LookLinda’s image and dress tips

“I have done a style course with Nina Brown (www.ninabrown.co.za) and she taught me that individuals are mainly seen from their waist upwards. This you have control over.  Feel free to dress in what suits your personality;  it is ok to be different.

….and never go without lipstick – my personal belief!”

Linda, you always dress magnificently and even in your appearance you are an inspiration.

 Laugh:  “Long time ago I accompanied a gentleman to a dance.  At some point I decided to touch-up my lipstick.  It was dark, but I know where my lips are and don’t need to see what I am doing.  Later my date looked at me and said: ‘That looks quite interesting’.  I had no clue what he was referring to until I rubbed my hand over my lips and realised I used my black eyeliner on my lips and not my lipstick. Must have been an interesting look”.

Linda’s secret revealed:

 This lady played SOCCER!  She loved group sports and when invited to join her lady friends for a game of soccer, she did not hesitate.  They even won the soccer league in the year she played.

Wow…I would never have guessed!

The crazy classy gift!

Linda is always immaculately dressed and groomed, but she is not scared of work. So I decided that a pair of rubber gloves which covers your sleeves is the ideal gift to protect her pretty clothes and well-groomed hands when doing dishes.

Linda gift

What I have learned from Linda: 

 Linda again proved to me that people are drawn to those with a ‘victor’ mentality and not a ‘victim’ mentality.

She does not focus on the adversities in her life, but instead she focusses on what she took out of her circumstances and passes it on to others!

This is what makes being in Linda’s company such a great experience.


Until our next tea date!