Young and Retired – Elzette Geldenhuys

1 September 2015

Elzette and I met at Lavendula, a Vintage Coffee and Gift Shop in Brackenfell.  The cheerful ambience in the coffee shop was perfect for this first day of September, the start of Spring.

 Coffee shop pic

Elzette, I know you are retired, but you still look great behind a desk – especially MY desk!  It is a privilege to share it with you.

Elette Desk Final

A bit about Elzette

 Elzette worked at Sanlam Head Office for 28 years before she decided to retire like her husband did earlier this year. Retirement was a huge adjustment at first, but she now enjoys her freedom.

…..and if you think Elzette looks way too young to be retired, she is indeed!  This lady, however, can keep herself busy and amongst other things enjoys breeding with her English bulldog.

Elzette’s mugs

 These two beautiful mugs were a gift from Elzette’s mom shortly after her marriage.  As it is a bit too feminine and “flowery” for her husband, she used it at work and was recognised by her pretty mug.

Framed mugs

Our Live, Love, Laugh conversation:

 Live:  Elzette’s motto in life is “if you snooze, you lose” and therefore she does not postpone doing things.  She shared a special story relating to her motto. At the age of 3 she and her mom stayed in a flat and she loved playing on the outside deck.  Every afternoon she was greeted by a friendly man upon his return from work.  She really liked him, wanted him to be her daddy…so she invited him over for a coldrink one day. Her mom and this man really clicked, and the rest is history!  As a little girl, she then already realised that she may lose this “daddy” if she “snoozes”.

“My biggest lesson for life, however, is to just be quiet and allow God to sort out one’s life.  Be aware that He WANTS to help you”

That, Elzette, is precious advice!

Love your LookElzette’s image and dress tips

Elzette believes that “less is more” – dress plainly, but stylish.  She would also rather save to buy something she really wants and will wear, as to having lots of clothing.

 ….and Elzette admitted that she loves shoes and handbags!  Her favourite handbag is a red ostrich leather bag which her mom bought her. Sounds like a statement piece!

Laugh:  Shortly after Elzette started her career and finished her training for her new job, she had to call a client in Carnavon.  She did not realise that the call would go through a real old fashioned telephone exchange (as seen in the Afrikaans series “Nommer Asseblief”). She was pretty surprised, lost for words and asked for “Kar-na-von” (pronounced in a very Afrikaans way). Needless to say it took the lady on the other side of the line quite some time to figure out what place Elzette was referring to.

Elzette’s secret revealed:

She loves crossword puzzles and will often compete with her mom to see who can complete a specific crossword puzzle the quickest and who knows the most.

Very good mental stimulation for a retired girl!

The crazy classy gift!

As Elzette is now lady of leisure her gift was a special straw – to sip cocktails while enjoying a pedicure!

Gift photo

What I have learned from Elzette: 

 Elzette does not postpone on things she needs to do and she often gets more done than others.  So if you do not “snooze” on any task at hand you will not “lose” sleep over lost time.

She keeps life simple through her trust in God!


Cannot wait for my next tea date!


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