Want to Need something New

At the beginning of a new season I normally convince myself I NEED new clothes, while I actually WANT something new… so I end up wanting to need new clothes!

With great excitement I hit the shops – just to discover clothes are more expensive than the past season and my budget does not really allow my want-to-need-something-new.








Does this happen to you too?

There is a way around this “want-to-need” which will prevent you spending unnecessary money.  By planning your wardrobe, you will only need to buy one or two new items to create a number of new outfits and looks.

Does planning a wardrobe sound like effort? It is –  ‘no pain, no gain’! But, you are guaranteed a functional wardrobe with outfits for every occasion in your life.  You will not  need to utter the words “I have nothing to wear!!” again.


Let me share a simple principle of wardrobe planning with you. It’s called “capsule planning”.  This capsule has 8 items of clothing which can mix and match.

The formula then is as follows:

2 x over tops (e.g. jackets, jerseys – items that can be worn over a top)

3 x tops

3 x bottoms

Below is an example of a capsule which has items of clothing currently in fashion.

Summer capsule 1a










Who would guess that one can create 27 different outfits with the above 8 items?!

Look at the examples below and see how you can create 9 different looks with each bottom.

Bottom group 1












Bottom group 2














Bottom group 3














With this capsule you will be able to move from a Smart Casual event to a Casual event with very little effort.

“That is quite amazing” you may say, “but only 8 items of clothing will never work for me”.    I agree!

It is not practical to have only 3 tops in your wardrobe when there are 7 days in a week.  You need a minimum of 3 capsules of clothing.  Depending on your budget and how you enjoy variety, you can have more clothing capsules.  It is best, however, to analyse your lifestyle and determine how many activities you have for which you need to dress.

Professional/Smart, Smart Casual and Casual.  This will determine how many capsules of clothing you need for each activity of your life.

Below is an example of such an analysis.

Capsule choice









So, before you hit the shops and buy unnecessary, analyse your lifestyle and watch this space for more information on creating a money-saving, functional (yet exciting)wardrobe.


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