Set your own direction – Diane Lindemann

10 November 2015

Diane knows how much I love the sea and how I often enjoy having a quiet moment at Blouberg beach. I am sure this was the reason for her choosing Petit Fours in Blouberg for our interview.  Thank you Diane!  I just loved the view of Table Mountain and the sea… as always!

Welcome behind my desk Diane!  You look great there, however you look even better when in facilitation mode!  It is a privilege, however, to have you sit down for a moment.

Diane Desk Final

A bit about Diane

Diane worked as a consultant in Predictive Analytics (studying the buying patterns of customers in the year past and predicting how they will shop in the following year). She resigned 5 years ago to work for herself.  Her current role consists of 3 areas:  a) Facilitation (training and other); b) Consulting in Strategy and c)Performance Coaching and Implementation.

Diane is a natural ‘adult teacher’ and loves LOADS of fun in her workshops!

Diane’s tea cup

This amazing cup was a gift Diane received from a friend.  “The bird on the inside is symbolic of ‘taking the flight’ …and it has place for a biscuit on the saucer!”

Well, Diane, if I look at that saucer, I am sure more than one biscuit (or even a cupcake) can be placed on it 🙂

 Tea cup final

Our Live, Love, Laugh conversation

Live:   Diane’s Wisdom: The end is not always the end, sometimes it’s the beginning

“Due to unhappy circumstances I decided to resign my job despite the fact that I had no alternative plans for my career. Friends and family didn’t understand and was stressed about me ending my career.  However, the moment I took the decision to leave my job, new doors of opportunity opened for me.

I have learned, even when I went through a tough time in my matric year, that (1) I can be miserable or decide to move on in life and (2) if you open yourself to the universe and good things, the universe and good things will open itself to you.

I never follow the path that others set for me – I always determine my own direction”

pink cards


Diane acknowledges that writing in her Gratitude Journal has helped her to persevere through difficult circumstances.  She even writes messages she receives on pink cards, with the date and who the message came from, on the back.

Indeed, a lady who has learned to take responsibility for her life’s direction and not blame circumstances or others for it.



Love your look:  Diane’s image tips

“Dress appropriately!  Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are suitably dressed for the occasion you are off to.  Don’t dress for clubbing, when you are actually off to the office.

Something I’ve learned from my mom, who was always impeccably dressed, is to rather buy slightly more expensive, classic, good clothes.”

It is very seldom that you will find a lady who hates shopping!  Diane really enjoys buying with her eyes.


“When I started my career as a facilitator I had to do a presentation on Policy Development for my assessment. As I stood up, my one shoe broke.  I decided to kick off both shoes and did my presentation bare-footed. None of the Assessors noticed until one of the participants asked ‘do you ever where shoes?’  Although I set my own direction, I was very nervous that my bare feet would make me ‘fail’ my assessment.”

So Diane, this is where the workshop fun started!!??

Diane’s secret revealed

“My partner, Mark, and I have been together for 22 years, have children together, but we are not married.  Even some of our friends do not know this(that we are nor married).”

….and Mark still adores Diane and respects her choices in life

The crazy classy gift!

 As you have learned, Diane does not allow others to set her direction. She also applies this in her facilitation classes and certainly does not do “the norm”.  So, when I saw this “off balance” mug, I just knew it will be Diane’s gift….and the bonus:  she loves tea!

Diane gift final

20151110_114045Diane also spoilt  me with a gift – a special selection of tea!  THANK YOU!!!



What I have learned from Diane

 We very often make decisions based on other people’s opinions, whether this involves our appearance, our personality, or our life in general.  Diane taught me that we should never make decisions in order to be accepted by others;  we must decide what is best for us as we are responsible for our own direction in life.

Until our last tea date for 2015! See you soon…..





One comment on “Set your own direction – Diane Lindemann

  1. Liesl says:

    I have so enjoyed all of these tea dates so far – it’s always amazing to see how different each person’s journey is and has been, and to find inspiration in all of them!


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