Lead so others will follow – Truus Legemaat

13 November 2015

Truus and I met at the most amazing place in Paarl:  “Tea Under the Trees”.  Tea is served in the private garden of a farm.  It is beautiful, tranquil and a place which is hard to leave…so one tends to stay extra long!


Welcome behind my desk Truus!  I absolutely love seeing you there and for me it is a privilege to close 2015 with you behind my desk.

Truus Desk foto

A bit about Truus

Truus worked at Metropolitan for 9 years before she resigned at the end of 2009 to pursue market place ministry.  “My passion is to develop leaders; leaders who will lead from the heart knowing their own weaknesses and vulnerability;  leaders who lead with compassion”.

This is a very special calling on your life, Truus! 

 Truus’s tea pot

Truus lived in the UK for 6 years and learned from her mother-in-law how to enjoy and appreciate tea.  She has an interest in the Royal Family and loves everything which represents royalty.  This (royal) tea pot therefore caught her eye when she gazed around in a Peacock Tea and Coffee Shop.  Although she loved it, the price did not fit her budget..

While having something to drink in the coffee shop, a disabled gentleman asked if he may share her table…and eventually was telling Truus his life’s story.  Being a lonely gentleman, he enjoyed Truus’ company tremendously, and,  without her knowing, he paid her bill which included this beautiful tea pot.

What a precious story Truus.  Your willingness to listen to him on that day was certainly far more worth than the teapot he bought for you.

Truus Tea pot final

Our Live, Love, Laugh conversation

Live:   “I have learned to carry out most of my activities restfully.  After years of burn-out and breakdowns because of overwork and burdened with ‘performance’ and things I thought I ‘had-to-do’, I now realise and accept that I am not supposed to know everything and do everything perfectly.  I also don’t have to be and do everything! If I am not good with accounting, it’s ok, there are others who are!”

Truus has learned that she can trust God with whatever comes across her path – He establishes her way and He will provide and lead her to do and be what He has planned for her.

What a special place to be in one’s life.  Considering our full programs, all our responsibilities, all the expectations people have of us,  this is certainly a very special ‘state of being’.  Let us strive to trust God so much that we can become more ‘restful’ in our own lives.

Love your look:  Truus’s image tips

“When we haven’t heard many loving words of affirmation, including one’s looks, it is an uphill battle to be comfortable in your own skin. The more I dealt with the pain on the inside, the more beautiful I started to feel.  I sense that the beauty within is changing my external look and this is what makes me ‘love my look’.

My best shopping tip:  if you don’t know how – let others dress you! Use the knowledge and help of those who can do this better than you”.

Truus, part of your beauty is also your honesty!!  Thanks for sharing personal information that can be valuable to so many others.  .

Laugh:  “Laughter is life giving and a huge stress and burden reliever.  I have learned to laugh over the past decade.  Prior to that I was far too serious and life was far too serious and I was often resentful when others did not take life as seriously as I did.  But now, I roar with laughter when I watch a good movie.  A close friend was highly embarrassed by my freedom to laugh out loud in the movies; to literally let rip!”

Ok, Truus, thanks for the warning – no movies with you!!

Truus’s secret revealed

“I grew up in Holland and had my first job at the age of 13.  Before school, at 4h00 in the morning, I cycled (in the dark) to a farmer in the neighbourhood.  I then took milk samples for a laboratory that checked the milk for quality and safety. Once my job was done, I will quickly cycle back home, have breakfast and get ready for school.”

Indeed one of the most interesting jobs I’ve ever heard a child, especially of that age, do….

The crazy classy gift!

Truus has had amazing spiritual experiences and often creates story boards of her life and messages from God.  I therefore thought she will be able to make good use of these scrap booking rub off stickers and little pattern scissors.

Truus, I hope you will share what you did with those pictures with us!

Gift framed

What I have learned from Truus

Truus has not had an easy life. From her childhood to married life and even thereafter, she was faced with difficult circumstances and relationships which had a negative influence on her self-esteem. She has, however, decided not to let her past dictate her future. She, with the guidance of God, whom she loves so much, rose from her ashes, overcame her incredible difficulties and made the decision to live a life God planned for her – one of abundance!

I have learned from Truus that we can, with the help of God, change our self-worth and the way we experience life.  We just need to take that decision and follow where God leads.

I share a Bible verse which was part of the lessons Truus has learned to become more ‘restful’:  Ps 46:10  “Be still and know that I am God”.


Until 2016!



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