Pushing the Blue Boundaries

I can finally report back on action 1 of the 10 planned while moving towards the 50-horizon.

I love blue!  Everybody knows that!  So guess what?  I pushed my own blue boundaries and had blue in my hair.  Yes, you are reading this correctly!  Conservative I had blue hair!

It all happened because of a photo gone wrong.

After the first visit to my new hairdresser a dear friend insisted on a selfie to see the new shorter hairstyle.  Not very well practiced in selfies I tried my best self-pose and sent off the picture, upon which the response was “do you have blue in your hair? It looks stunning”.

Hair 1

Quite confused I looked at my selfie again and noticed a blue tint around my head.  I am quite sure the blue section of the rainbow caught me on that cloudy day while I tried to take the best picture of myself.

Nevertheless, the blue hair seed was planted and I decided “why not?”  Like my husband always says “you can change it again”.

With the next hairdressing appointment I explained that it needs to be subtle, not look cheap, blend in with the current hair colour…. Although I have prepared myself for this weird hair colour, I still did not want it to be too much in my face.  But then, to my own surprise, I was disappointed when I left the hairdresser and could not really see blue hair.

So even though I was ready for shocking blue hair by the time I had to be back at the hairdresser, the process was not as easy as we thought it would be and I left disappointed again.  (I was actually quite surprised that by now I was really looking forward to blue hair).

As the saying goes, third time lucky and I finally had visible blue in my hair!



Being a facilitator in corporate image for the past 16 years and always very aware of the fact that I have to practise what I preach, this blue hair exercise was quite liberating for me! I also realised, that we are very often reluctant to make drastic changes to our appearance or our style because we are scared of “what the people will say”. Yes, we all long for approval and acceptance, but criticism and comments are people’s own personal opinion – it is not about whether you did the right or the wrong thing; or whether people will like you or not!

So more blue hair is certainly on my agenda for Summer!






Hottest man alive …who will that be?

Words are currently the fashion.  We stencil it on walls, stick it on windows, buy it on pillowcases and even wear it on clothes. Shopping exhausts me – I cannot help but read all the messages on the clothing .

Words even haunt me outside the shops:  when people pass me in a mall I read the messages on their chests…and then quickly peep at their faces to see if the message matches the look (as if I know them to make a judgement!)

For the past 16 years I have trained staff of corporate companies in perception management and first impressions, so matching people’s appearances to the words on their clothing is instinctive  – I just can’t stop doing this!

With the approach of Christmas 2015, I decided to exchange the seriousness of corporate image perceptions for family fun perceptions and so hunted for appropriate words on appropriate tops for those near and dear to me ….words to reflect MY (fun) perception of them!0070d603-60f5-471d-90ec-75b1c47076f9

I’d love to share them:

Brother, Danie  is always hot, even on days I need a coat, he is in short sleeves. “HOTTEST MAN ALIVE” was just perfect for him!   (His family later reminded me of his love for burning hot sauces on his food).  




Sister-in-law  Juanita’s “PRETTY” describes her lovely nature:  caring, loving, helpful and always friendly and positive.  Someone with a beautiful heart!



Niece Madri did not get words, but fringes.  Loving photos of themselves in the dunes of Jongensfontein, I could picture Madri amongst her cousins with swinging fringes in the wind.




Nephew Kobus is a fine fit young man who loves his exercise and sport.  Just look at him and “WITNESS THE FITNESS”



Johann Carle 1


Brother Johann eats, sleeps and lives cars!  Taking over dad’s (old) Skyline and turning it into a super-fast, powerful and highly sought after vehicle came as no surprise. “SPEEDSTERS” is the name of his game.

Being a goldsmith, sister-in-law Carle works with fine metals and creates the most beautiful jewellery pieces.  “FINE SILVER” does not only describe her business but also the fine young woman she is.

Gideon 1



Nephew Gideon, with a car fanatic dad, needs to be taught from a young age that there are other means of transport as well!


Rulene Hendrik



Hendrik en Rulene, parents of Carle, spoil us with Christmas gifts all the way from Lichtenburg and it was a huge privilege to choose words for them as well.  Rulene is just “GORGEOUS”, bubbly and beautiful inside out!  Hendrik does not say much – he is very quiet. I hoped that his words would make people realise how special he is:  “I AM NOT WEIRD, I AM LIMITED EDITION”



The words “I need a beer” after a stressful or tiring activity are synonymous with my husband, Adrian.  So how much more appropriate could “I GIVE IN TO BEER PRESSURE” be?



Note:  due to a laptop hard drive crash, I lost all the original pics  of the nieces and nephews below.  Thank you to those who assisted in finding the second best photo options.Nico Dylan

Nephew Nicolas, studying to become a lawyer, knows how to keep a good balance between hard work and hard play:  when I hear, he is attending a rock concert (and then he still plays electric guitar as well).  Seeing the words “LET THE GOOD TUNES ROCK” I knew exactly who it had to go to.

Nephew Dylan, known as (one of) the hunks in the family could certainly be chased by numerous women. So who would he pick?  I thought this could be a good idea:  “WANT TO MAKE ME AN OFFER”



Nephew Kyle found a brilliant way to get through the loadshedding nights of Winter 2015: he got his family to play board games!  Being a real performer as well, there was no doubt that this “LOADSHEDDING” Minion was his.Natasha



Niece Natasha loves dishing out hugs and wants you to know “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”….and don’t dare not  give her a hug;  she will either ask for it or just take it.




Niece Jordan has the cutest shy way to sass you out. If she finds you safe and likeable, it’s play time! “CUTE RUNS IN THE FAMILY” without a doubt.Reece


Nephew Reece is the most ‘HYPED’ child I’ve ever seen.  Besides his endless energy he can find the craziest ways to do things: so why just hold a bag of Easter Eggs when you can put it on your head?  Ha ha ha – he is a funny one!

His brother Luke is working on “ITS HARD TO BE THIS COOL” so he was not ready for a photo yet 🙂



Niece Bianca is growing into a beautiful young lady and her message is one to treasure into her adult life. Nothing so precious to “BE YOUR OWN SELF”


Baby Samuel arrived 10 days before Christmas. This little boy has no idea what is awaiting him becoming part of the huge Smuts family.  May he stay a “HAPPY CHAPPY” as he gets to know this bunch.


So now I wonder what words would you wear on your shirt  best describing you?

Have fun in finding that perfect quote..!