I present to you …..a bankie!

My friend, Liesl van der Rede (on the photograph), has the perfect balance between work and play!  She knows how to enjoy life!!44b_boysdrive

Shortly after I met Liesl, it happened more than once that I would phone and ask if it was convenient for her to talk.  The response I received 80% of the time was “yes, I am sitting on a bankie in Sea Point reading a book”  or “I am on a bankie enjoying pizza” or “of course you can chat, I am on a bankie at the beach.”

Now this sounded like a good life to me and I, tongue in cheek, asked Liesl to teach me to sit on bankies as well.  After all, life is supposed to be fun and not all work – and she seemed to know exactly how to make time for fun.

So Liesl became my ‘bankie friend’!  Whenever I was out and about and spotted a bankie, I would sit on it, have myself photographed, send it to Liesl, jokingly telling her I am practising to sit on bankies (relaxing!).

In the process of working on my “turning 50 bucketlist”, I visited the French Huguenot monument in Franschoek and spotted a few bankies on which I could have myself photographed to prove to Liesl that I am really working on balancing work and play.  Very patiently hubby took all the Franschoek bankie pictures and then challenged me to sit on 50 bankies before I turn 50!  The only requirement: it has to be bankies that are ‘significant’; bankies I would come across while visiting special people or places.

This was the start of an amazing BANKIE JOURNEY!  Liesl even spoiled me with a bankie tour, sharing her favourite bankies with me!

I decided to conclude my bankie journey on my birthday and will therefore share all my bankie pictures after 25 February 2017.

Bankie greetings until then!