• DSC_9915 aWho am I?
  • And why this blog?

Let me start with the second question:   Why this blog?  A very good question considering that I absolutely hated writing all my life (or at least until recently).  I panicked with every single school essay I had to write.  I never knew where to start or what to write and I believed that I had absolutely no creative brain cells to write a story; or for that matter write anything!!

Then I started travelling extensively for business.  I encountered many stressful and even hilarious situations which inspired me to write it down the way I experienced it. Sometimes it was just thoughts and other times lessons I’ve learned; at times a short essay, other times long stories and every now and again something I’d like to call a ‘poem’ (Lianne style).

I shared these writings with a few special friends and family members who responded with:  “You must write a book”.”Me, write a book?  Not a chance!  With the little inspiration I have when it comes to writing, I will never have enough material to publish a book.”

Then a friend suggested I post my inspirations on a blog – at least I can ‘publish’ without the pressure of putting a book together. Now, that sounded like a better option…and here I am!

So Who am I?   Just somebody who loves to teach, loves to make a difference, loves to contribute to the development of people.   

I am no psychologist and have no impressive qualifications.  However, I live out a simple prayer which happened in the days of my youth.  At a church youth meeting someone shared his experiences of a missionary trip somewhere in the ‘bundus’.  Hearing all his challenges I was relieved it wasn’t me in his shoes.  I prayed a silent prayer:  “Lord, please don’t ever send me to do missionary work in this way.  This is really not for me!  Let me rather keep the people around me happy”.

Little did I know how powerful such a short ‘by-the-way’ prayer could be!

The Lord heard and steered my life in a direction where I could gain experience and knowledge to “keep the people around me happy”.  I only realised this many years later while facilitating a workshop.  It suddenly dawned upon me that, without realising, the Lord has placed me in many different (and often difficult) circumstances.  He allowed a few career changes to enable me to live out the prayer I have prayed so many years ago.

The main reason for this blog therefore is to continue “keeping people around me happy” by sharing messages, inspirations and thoughts inspired by my Heavenly Father.

So, I pray that through this blog we can inspire each other to live our lives to the fullest and make the absolute best of who we are and what we have!


One comment on “About

  1. Judith says:

    Hoe lekker glimlag ek nou Lianne, ‘n mens moet passop wat jy bid. Wees baie spesifiek met God, moet niks uitlaat nie want God vul elke gaatjie waar Hy dink dit is nodig. Kyk nou net!! God ken jou beter as wat jy jouself ken. Hy het geweet dat jy tot meer toe in staat is deur Hom wat jou die krag gee. Well done! God Bless.


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