Dress to Impress!

Dressing professionally does not necessarily mean wearing a suit anymore. That might be good news to most business people, but it also complicates matters.  The brand perception of your company, as well as the expectations created by the position you hold in your company, now determine the appropriate dress code for a lasting first impression.

For companies in informal industries, e.g. family restaurants, manufacturing and retail, professional wear means practical, casual outfits. An example of such an outfit for men is chino trousers and check shirt/golf shirt, or an overall if in manufacturing.

In formal industries, however, e.g. law and finance, professional wear entails conservative, formal outfits. For men, this means classic trousers and a lounge shirt with or without a tie.

Some companies have different business divisions and each division may require a different professional dress code.  Let’s take a company brewing and distributing beer as an example:  there’s a brewery where staff wear overalls; a laboratory to test the quality of beer where staff wear lab coats; a tasting venue where staff wear informal trousers and shirts, and perhaps aprons;  a distribution warehouse where most staff wear overalls  and a head office where business decisions are made where staff wear business wear (but not necessarily suits).

Inevitably various business situations may require different image messages.  This is where knowledge of the image game is helpful:  different combinations of clothing can project a more serious(authoritative) or less serious (approachable) appearance. One can choose the image depending on the situation and what message you want to project.

In preparation for practical clothing examples in our next article, familiarise yourself with your company’s brand perception and the expectations it create with your clients …and next we will start playing the image game!



Nice to meet you …. or not?

You enter the boardroom to meet a new client.  One look and you know: “this is going to be a tough meeting –  Mr Trouble ….unreasonable expectations, thinks he knows everything, money talks”…  You fake a professional smile, shake his hand with a “nice to meet you”, but all your guards are up and ready for the next 30 minutes of conversation.  It ends not being the best introductory meeting you have had, yet, you do realise you cannot NOT do business with this man.

What has happened?  You made an assumption about this prospective new client based on what you saw.  You probably compared his image with the expectation you formed about him – an expectation based on the little you know about his business. And maybe, to your disappointment, the two did not match?

The process of seeing and interpreting a person’s image and body language is called PERCEPTION and this perception is influenced by expectations!

Have you thought about your client and what he experienced when you entered the boardroom? Could it have been one of:  “Oh goodness! This man does not look as competent, knowledgeable and reliable as I thought he would be.  I am not so sure if he is the one I should do business with”?

So you too did not create a good impression!

Making assumptions about the professionalism and competence of people based on what we see (image and body language) is so unfair: we have no idea what the person’s qualifications are, how experienced he/she is, what his/her success stories are.  Yet perceptions influence people’s decisions on whether to do business with each other or not;  whether to trust each other or not.

Imagine you hire the best lawyer in town to defend you in a court case and on the day of the court hearing, your lawyer arrives in chino trousers and a check shirt.  How will you feel about your chances of winning the court case?  Probably not good?  Why?  The expectation is that a highly competent and professional lawyer wears a suit.  However, if you take your car for a service and your motor mechanic appears in a suit, you will probably be even more worried.  You expect a mechanic to wear an overall, or clothes covered with oil stains.

Perceptions also determine how people are treated.  I am reminded of a prospective caravan buyer who made an appointment with a salesman to view the latest luxury caravans.  On arrival of the buyer, the salesman could not believe his eyes and still voiced his upset to his colleague: “Look at that man! Does he look like someone who can afford a caravan, low and behold a luxury one?!  Filthy dirty clothes, broken shoes …. he’s wasting my time!”  Very impatiently and reluctantly the salesman took the prospective buyer (whom he classified as a “vagrant”) to the smallest, cheapest caravan and openly showed his dismay when the prospective buyer wanted to look at the bigger ones.  The buyer chose his preferred luxury caravan and in the office of the very irritated salesman, he presented rolls and rolls of notes, ready to pay cash for the luxury caravan!  Had the buyer been dressed smartly, he would certainly have received different treatment from the salesman!

Creating perceptions is an everyday phenomenon, whether we like it or not!  We create perceptions of people, and they create perceptions of us!

So, if you want to be taken seriously in your career and wish to earn the necessary respect for your position, competence and professionalism, it is important to create that perception through your appearance, which is your first avenue of communication.

The next challenge is knowing what kind of clothing will create the professional image you wish to project.  Professional dress in today’s terms does not necessarily imply a suit.  Professional dress is based on the branding of your company, the industry you work in and the position you hold in the company – the things which contribute to the expectation your clients create of you! A mouthful indeed. However, not difficult to achieve!





Hottest man alive …who will that be?

Words are currently the fashion.  We stencil it on walls, stick it on windows, buy it on pillowcases and even wear it on clothes. Shopping exhausts me – I cannot help but read all the messages on the clothing .

Words even haunt me outside the shops:  when people pass me in a mall I read the messages on their chests…and then quickly peep at their faces to see if the message matches the look (as if I know them to make a judgement!)

For the past 16 years I have trained staff of corporate companies in perception management and first impressions, so matching people’s appearances to the words on their clothing is instinctive  – I just can’t stop doing this!

With the approach of Christmas 2015, I decided to exchange the seriousness of corporate image perceptions for family fun perceptions and so hunted for appropriate words on appropriate tops for those near and dear to me ….words to reflect MY (fun) perception of them!0070d603-60f5-471d-90ec-75b1c47076f9

I’d love to share them:

Brother, Danie  is always hot, even on days I need a coat, he is in short sleeves. “HOTTEST MAN ALIVE” was just perfect for him!   (His family later reminded me of his love for burning hot sauces on his food).  




Sister-in-law  Juanita’s “PRETTY” describes her lovely nature:  caring, loving, helpful and always friendly and positive.  Someone with a beautiful heart!



Niece Madri did not get words, but fringes.  Loving photos of themselves in the dunes of Jongensfontein, I could picture Madri amongst her cousins with swinging fringes in the wind.




Nephew Kobus is a fine fit young man who loves his exercise and sport.  Just look at him and “WITNESS THE FITNESS”



Johann Carle 1


Brother Johann eats, sleeps and lives cars!  Taking over dad’s (old) Skyline and turning it into a super-fast, powerful and highly sought after vehicle came as no surprise. “SPEEDSTERS” is the name of his game.

Being a goldsmith, sister-in-law Carle works with fine metals and creates the most beautiful jewellery pieces.  “FINE SILVER” does not only describe her business but also the fine young woman she is.

Gideon 1



Nephew Gideon, with a car fanatic dad, needs to be taught from a young age that there are other means of transport as well!


Rulene Hendrik



Hendrik en Rulene, parents of Carle, spoil us with Christmas gifts all the way from Lichtenburg and it was a huge privilege to choose words for them as well.  Rulene is just “GORGEOUS”, bubbly and beautiful inside out!  Hendrik does not say much – he is very quiet. I hoped that his words would make people realise how special he is:  “I AM NOT WEIRD, I AM LIMITED EDITION”



The words “I need a beer” after a stressful or tiring activity are synonymous with my husband, Adrian.  So how much more appropriate could “I GIVE IN TO BEER PRESSURE” be?



Note:  due to a laptop hard drive crash, I lost all the original pics  of the nieces and nephews below.  Thank you to those who assisted in finding the second best photo options.Nico Dylan

Nephew Nicolas, studying to become a lawyer, knows how to keep a good balance between hard work and hard play:  when I hear, he is attending a rock concert (and then he still plays electric guitar as well).  Seeing the words “LET THE GOOD TUNES ROCK” I knew exactly who it had to go to.

Nephew Dylan, known as (one of) the hunks in the family could certainly be chased by numerous women. So who would he pick?  I thought this could be a good idea:  “WANT TO MAKE ME AN OFFER”



Nephew Kyle found a brilliant way to get through the loadshedding nights of Winter 2015: he got his family to play board games!  Being a real performer as well, there was no doubt that this “LOADSHEDDING” Minion was his.Natasha



Niece Natasha loves dishing out hugs and wants you to know “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”….and don’t dare not  give her a hug;  she will either ask for it or just take it.




Niece Jordan has the cutest shy way to sass you out. If she finds you safe and likeable, it’s play time! “CUTE RUNS IN THE FAMILY” without a doubt.Reece


Nephew Reece is the most ‘HYPED’ child I’ve ever seen.  Besides his endless energy he can find the craziest ways to do things: so why just hold a bag of Easter Eggs when you can put it on your head?  Ha ha ha – he is a funny one!

His brother Luke is working on “ITS HARD TO BE THIS COOL” so he was not ready for a photo yet 🙂



Niece Bianca is growing into a beautiful young lady and her message is one to treasure into her adult life. Nothing so precious to “BE YOUR OWN SELF”


Baby Samuel arrived 10 days before Christmas. This little boy has no idea what is awaiting him becoming part of the huge Smuts family.  May he stay a “HAPPY CHAPPY” as he gets to know this bunch.


So now I wonder what words would you wear on your shirt  best describing you?

Have fun in finding that perfect quote..!










Want to Need something New

At the beginning of a new season I normally convince myself I NEED new clothes, while I actually WANT something new… so I end up wanting to need new clothes!

With great excitement I hit the shops – just to discover clothes are more expensive than the past season and my budget does not really allow my want-to-need-something-new.








Does this happen to you too?

There is a way around this “want-to-need” which will prevent you spending unnecessary money.  By planning your wardrobe, you will only need to buy one or two new items to create a number of new outfits and looks.

Does planning a wardrobe sound like effort? It is –  ‘no pain, no gain’! But, you are guaranteed a functional wardrobe with outfits for every occasion in your life.  You will not  need to utter the words “I have nothing to wear!!” again.


Let me share a simple principle of wardrobe planning with you. It’s called “capsule planning”.  This capsule has 8 items of clothing which can mix and match.

The formula then is as follows:

2 x over tops (e.g. jackets, jerseys – items that can be worn over a top)

3 x tops

3 x bottoms

Below is an example of a capsule which has items of clothing currently in fashion.

Summer capsule 1a










Who would guess that one can create 27 different outfits with the above 8 items?!

Look at the examples below and see how you can create 9 different looks with each bottom.

Bottom group 1












Bottom group 2














Bottom group 3














With this capsule you will be able to move from a Smart Casual event to a Casual event with very little effort.

“That is quite amazing” you may say, “but only 8 items of clothing will never work for me”.    I agree!

It is not practical to have only 3 tops in your wardrobe when there are 7 days in a week.  You need a minimum of 3 capsules of clothing.  Depending on your budget and how you enjoy variety, you can have more clothing capsules.  It is best, however, to analyse your lifestyle and determine how many activities you have for which you need to dress.

Professional/Smart, Smart Casual and Casual.  This will determine how many capsules of clothing you need for each activity of your life.

Below is an example of such an analysis.

Capsule choice









So, before you hit the shops and buy unnecessary, analyse your lifestyle and watch this space for more information on creating a money-saving, functional (yet exciting)wardrobe.


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On Sale! It’s a Bargain!

See Afrikaans below

It is SALES time of the year!  Lots of “bargains” awaiting you!

Have you, however, counted how many “bargains”  in your wardrobe turned out to be a not so good a buy after all? You have saved (much) money, but how often have you worn the item….or, HAVE you ever worn it? Or are you still trying to find something in the shops to wear it with?

Of course it is fun to walk, browse, scratch through the sale items, even try it on… but before you buy something, think about this:

a) Is it my style and will I wear it (often)?  Or am I fooling myself just because it is so cheap?

b) Do I really need it? Or do I actually have enough clothes in my wardrobe?

c) Does it fit me perfectly? Or am I compromising because it is marked down?

d) Are there at least 3 existing items in my wardrobe to match this bargain? Or do I need to shop for something to wear it with?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, it is a bargain indeed! So, you had better grab and pay for it before some else grabs it before you.

If there was a “no” amongst your answers, do not fool yourself with an excuse of why you HAVE to buy it.  The chances are good it will hang in your wardrobe and not be worn!! Rather leave the item, walk around and do your other shopping. If you can forget about the item, or do not feel as excited about it after a while, then it is not meant for you.  If, however, your mind keeps wondering back to that item – almost haunting you – the chances are good you will not make a mistake in buying it.

But do you know the psychology behind sales?

  1. It creates a feeling of SAVING, not spending… but you are spending money on something you wouldn’t normally buy.
  2. It creates a FEAR of missing out… what if I never find such a bargain again?
  3. It will make you FEEL GOOD… is shopping not supposed to lift the mood? Besides, I also deserve to be spoilt!

Being aware of the emotions which sales create, will enable you to exercise better judgment on whether an item is a real bargain or not.  A real bargain is not only bought at a very good price, but it will also serve a very good purpose in your wardrobe.

….and then there may be those who share Rita Rudner’s sentiment about a bargain:

Buying something on sale is a very special feeling.  In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me.  I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it.  I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?  ~Rita Rudner



Dis uitverkoping tyd!  Baie winskopies wag op jou!

Het jy egter al ooit getel hoeveel winskopies in jou kas was toe nooit so ‘n goeie kopie nie?  Jy het nou wel (baie) geld gespaar, maar hoeveel keer het jy dit al gedra….of, HET jy dit al ooit gedra? Of sukkel jy nog om iets in die winkels te kry wat daarby kan pas?

Natuurlik is dit lekker om deur die rakke met winskopies stap, grawe, kyk, aanpas… maar voor jy iets koop, dink ‘n bietjie hieraan:

a) Is dit my styl en gaan ek dit (baie) dra? Of flous ek myself net omdat dit so goedkoop is?

b) Het ek dit regtig nodig? Of het ek eintlik genoeg klere in my kas?

c) Pas dit perfek? Of kyk ek maar die pas daarvan mis terwille van die afgemerkte prys?

d) Is daar ten minste 3 bestaande items in my kas waarby die winskopie sal pas? Of moet ek nog eers iets gaan soek om daarby te dra?

As jy “ja” antwoord op al bogenoemde vrae, is dit beslis ‘n winskopie!  Jy beter dit gryp en betaal voor iemand dit onder jou neus weggeraap.

Indien daar ‘n “nee” tussen jou antwoorde was, moenie jouself flous met ‘n verskoning oor hoekom jy dit MOET koop nie.  Die kanse dat dit in jou kas gaan bly hang en jy dit nie gaan dra nie, is baie goed.  Los liefs die item en gaan loop ‘n draai, doen solank jou ander inkopies.  As jy begin vergeet van die item, nie meer so opgewonde daaroor voel nie, is dit nie vir jou bedoel nie.  Dink jy egter al meer en meer daaraan – dit spook by jou – is die kanse goed dat jy nie ‘n gaan fout maak as jy dit koop nie.

Ken jy egter die sielkunde agter uitverkopings?

  1. Dit skep die gevoel dat jy SPAAR eerder as spandeer    …..maar jy spandeer geld op iets wat jy nie normaalweg sou koop nie.
  2. Dit skep ‘n VREES dat jy op iets gaan uitmis ……wat as ek nooit weer so ‘n winskopie kry nie?
  3. Dit gaan jou laat GOED VOEL ……  is inkopies nie veronderstel om die gemoed te lig nie?  Buitendien, ek verdien mos ook om bederf te word!

As jy bedag is op die emosies wat uitverkopings skep, sal jy ‘n beter oordeel kan vel oor of ‘n item ‘n ware winskopie is al dan nie.  ‘n Ware winskopie koop jy nie net teen ‘n goeie prys nie, maar dit sal ook ‘n baie goeie doel in jou kas dien.

…en dan is daar natuurlike diegene wat met Rita Rudner sal saamstem as dit kom by ‘n winskopie:

Buying something on sale is a very special feeling.  In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me.  I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it.  I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?  ~Rita Rudner






Your wardrobe – your haven 2

(Die Afrikaanse weergawe verskyn onder die Engels)

I hope you are making good progress with creating your own wardrobe haven.

As promised, hereby a few more tips and ideas:

Jewellery, Handbags, Scarves, Makeup

  •  There are amazing ways besides drawers to store jewellery e.g jewellery mats, decorative hanging items, utility boxes etc
  • Consider the most practical way to store your jewellery. My favourite place for jewellery is on the inside of my cupboard door – right next to where I choose my outfits.

Jewellery idea 1

jewellery idea 2

  • Handbags can be kept on a shelf, on handbag hooks inside your cupboard, or alternatively on a hanging shelf.

handbag ideas 2

Handbag idea 1

  • Scarves can be stored in a drawer with dividers, hanging shelf (roll them for an interesting appearance), stackable containers or scarf hangers.

Scarf idea 2

Scarf idea 1

  • Keep hair accessories in utility boxes, or find a decorative box to display on your dressing table.

Hair ideas 1

  • If you use your makeup every day, it is important to keep it in a place where it is easy to reach.

makeup ideas 1


makeup ideas 2



  •  There are wonderful stackable shoe boxes available. My personal preference is  a drawer – like box.
  • A shoe rack may suffice if you do not have many shoes, and if you have the space in your cupboard.
  • Hanging shoe shelves are also great for shoes and can even be used for other items such as scarves, jewellery, hair accessories, etc

Shoe idea 1

shoe idea 2

How do I decide what items will work best for organising my wardrobe?

  •  Consider the most practical place to put the various items e.g hair accessories where you dry/comb your hair; jewellery where you get dressed.
  • Consider the space you have available for storing your items.
  • Your personal preferences – I hate taking lids off boxes (laziness?) so I found other practical items for my cupboard, e.g. lin bins which stacks easily and are open in the front.

Where to find these items?

  •  Shops which specialises in plastic containers
  • DIY departments in large retail stores
  • Homeware and home décor shops

Enjoy every moment of creating your wardrobe haven and watch this space for more surprises!



Ek hoop jy maak goeie vordering met die skep van jou eie klerekas paradys.

Soos beloof, hiermee nog ‘n paar voorstelle en idees:   Sien fotos hierbo

 Juwele, Handsakke, Serpe, Grimering

  •  Behalwe vir laaie, is daar ongelooflike maniere om jou juwele te stoor, bv juwele matte, dekoratiewe items wat jy kan ophang, nutshouers, ens.
  • Oorweeg die mees praktiese manier om jou juwele te stoor. My gunsteling plek vir juwele is aan die binnekant van my kasdeur – net daar waar ek my uitrustings kies.
  • Handsakke kan op ‘n rak gepak word, aan hakke binne jou kas gehang word, of maak gebruik van ‘n ‘hang rak’.
  • Serpe kan gestoor word in laaie met afskortings, ‘n ‘hang rak’ (rol hulle op vir ‘n interessante voorkoms), houers wat opmekaar kan stapel of selfs op serphangers.
  • Hou bykomstighede vir hare in nutshouers, of oorweeg ‘n dekoratiewe houer wat jy op jou spieeltafel kan uitstal.
  • As jy elke dag grimering dra, hou dit byderhand waar jy dit maklik kan bereik.


  •  Daar is wonderlike skoendose beskikbaar wat op mekaar kan stapel. My persoonlike voorkeur is skoendose wat soos ‘n laai kan ooptrek.
  • ‘n Skoenrak sal voldoende wees indien jy nie baie skoene het nie en as jy genoeg plek in jou kas het.
  • ‘Hang rakke’ vir skoene is baie prakties en kan selfs vir die stoor van ander items gebruik word, bv serpe, juwele en bykomstighede vir hare.

Hoe besluit ek watter items die beste is vir die organisering van my klerekas?

  •  Oorweeg die beste plek vir versillende items, bv bykomstighede vir jou hare hoort waar jy jou hare kam of droogblaas; juwele waar jy aantrek.
  • Oorweeg ook die spasie wat jy beskikbaar het vir die stoor van verskillende items.
  • Hou jou persoonlike voorkeure in gedagte – ek haat dit om deksels van houers af te haal (luiheid?) so ek het ander praktiese items vir my kas gekry, bv houers wat opmekaar stapel en oop is aan die voorkant.

Waar kry ek hierdie items?

  •  Winkels wat spesialiseer in plastiekhouers
  • Doen-dit-self afdelings in groot winkels
  • Winkels wat huisware en huisdekor aanhou

Geniet elke oomblik van die skep van jou stukkie paradys en hou die spasie dop vir nog verrassings! 





Your wardrobe – your haven 1

(Afrikaans verskyn onderaan die Engels)

So, have you survived the clearing out process and ready to create your own wardrobe haven!?

Before we start the organising process, here is another tip: only keep clothes for the current season in your wardrobe! The reasons being:

  • more packing space available
  • avoiding the possible boredom of looking at your(same ld)clothes all year round
  • unpacking your clothes at the beginning of a new season can be quite exciting – you may have forgotten what you have
  • you can sort your clothes before packing it into your cupboard

Store your clothing for the next season in vacuum bags if your storage space is limited.  It works extremely well!

Now that you know what (wearable!) clothing and accessories you have left, you can shop for containers and practical items to organise your wardrobe practically and tidily.

Here are some suggestions:

Hanging items

  •  Your wardrobe will look neat if your hangers are all the same. I love the versatile plastic hangers with twisting hooks which make it easier to have all my clothes facing the same direction.  For expensive coats and jackets, consider wooden coat hangers.

hanger idea 2

  • Hang clothes on separate hangers: one item per hanger. Separate suits and organise hanging items in your cupboard so that jackets, blouses, skirts and trousers are together. In this way all your clothes are visible at a glance and it is easier to see different mix and match combinations.

Pretty enough for a Princess

Hanger idea 1

  • Use utility hangers for scarves and belts.

belts idea



  •  Fold jerseys and t-shirts neatly and keep similar items together on a shelf.
  • Never stack items too high; rather arrange / pack it in stackable containers on the shelves.
  • Items which do not stack well e.g socks, pantyhose and underwear can also be placed in baskets or stackable containers.


 Box idea 1


  •  Drawers are ideal for items which cannot be stacked on a shelf. Make use of drawer dividers or plastic containers to keep items neat.
  • If you keep your make up and, or, jewellery in drawers, look out for useful containers – even cutlery trays do the job.

 drawer divider idea 1


Why not make your own dividers?

drawer divider idea 2


Remember:  Besides packing your cupboard in a neat, practical and organised way, it also needs to look pretty!  So look out for items you really like.




Het jy toe die skoonmaakproses oorleef en is jy gereed om jou eie klerekas paradys te skep?

Voor ons begin met die groot regpak, het ek vir julle nog ‘n wenk:  hou slegs die klere vir die huidige seisoen in jou kas!  Die redes hiervoor:

  • Jy gaan meer pakplek in jou kas hê
  • Jy gaan nie so gou verveeld raak met jou klere as jy nie heel jaar daarin hoef vas te kyk nie
  • Om jou klere aan die begin van ‘n nuwe seisoen uit te pak kan heel opwindend wees – jy het dalk al vergeet wat jy het
  • Dit skep ‘n geleentheid om jou klere uit te sorteer voor jy dit terugpak in jou kas

Indien jy beperkte spasie in jou huis het, stoor gerus jou klere in vakuum sakke.  Dit werk regtig goed.

Nou dat jy weet watter (drabare) klere en bykomstighede jy oor het, kan jy houers en praktiese items gaan koop om jou klerekas mee te organiseer.

Hier is ‘n paar voorstelle:   Sien fotos hierbo

Hang klere

  •  Jou klerekas sal netjies lyk as al jou hangers dieselfde lyk. Ek hou baie van die veelsydige plastiek hangers met hake wat in die rondte draai.  Sodoende hang my klere almal in dieselfde rigting.  Vir duur jasse en baadjies kan jy gepaste hout hangers gebruik.
  • Hang jou klere op aparte hangers: een item per hanger.  Skei jou pakkies en sorteer hang items in jou klerekas op so ‘n manier dat baadjies, bloese, rompe en broeke bymekaar hang.  Sodoende is al jou klere met een oogopslag sigbaar en sal jy makliker verskillende meng-en-pas opsies raaksien.
  • Gebruik nutshangers (“utility hangers”) vir serpe en gordels.


  •  Vou truie en t-hemde netjies en hou items van dieselfde soort bymekaar op ‘n rak.
  • Moet nooit items te hoog op mekaar staple nie; pak dit eerder in houers wat op mekaar gestapel kan word.
  • Items wat nie maklik op mekaar gestapel kan word nie, bv sokkies, kouse en onderklere kan ook in mandjies of stapel houers gesit word.


  •  Laaie is ideaal vir items wat nie op mekaar op ‘n rak gepak kan word nie. Maak gebruik van afskortings binne die laai of plastiek houers om items netjies te hou.
  • As jy jou grimering en/of juwele in laaie hou, wees op die uitkyk vir praktiese houers – selfs houers vir eetgerei kan goed werk.

Onthou:  Behalwe dat jy jou kas netjies, prakties en georganiseerd wil hê, moet dit ook mooi lyk!  So kyk gerus uit vir items waarvan jy regtig hou.

handbag walls